Thursday, December 16, 2010

“The Season of the Witch is Here”

First of all, I as a nuffnanger for the first time joining the contest that was conducted by nuffnang..I was very excited to join this contest..who knows maybe my luck at there..I as a blogger, i will support the nuffnang activites..Wish me luck ya!!

Okay, let's begin..

What scares you the most about witches
Err..if i heard the word " witches " ouch in my head I only assume the witches with ugly faces..not enough for that, they use the old hat and dirty clothes..but some parts, it can make me laugh for a while..for instance how can the witches ride the magic vroom..haha..only that part i can't accept..Moreover, the most scares about the witches when they make a magic potion in the haunted house..then in her magic potion they use a body part from a human body such eyes, nose and so scared about that because I had a nightmare about that..impact from that..I got was my thriller experience..The end..



Ayuni said...

nice view of the film, you can add more the actor and the plot also the pros and cons...just my opinion...

Syafiq Rosli said...

ayuni..thank ya