Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kena Jawab Dengan Jujur!!

Salam2 to all..aku lagi telah di tag Siti..demi menjaga hatinye aku jawab la..hehe..gurau je..

Name : Syafiq Rosli 
Full name : Mohd Syafiq bin Rosli
Sibling(s): Sulong daripada 4 adik beradik
eye colour :Hazel
Shoe size : 9/10
Height : -167cm
What are you wearing right now : Kain pelikat
Favourite number : 12
Favourite drink : Nescafe ais
Favourite month : Jan
Where do you live : Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah
Hair : - Spiky..:)
Favourite breakfast : Nasi lemak and roti canai

-Have you ever-
Broken a bone :Never
Been in a police car :Yes I have
Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Maybe
Fallen asleep in school : Always, huhu
Broken someone's heart : Sometimes
Cried when someone died : Maybe
Swam in the ocean : Yes I have
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : Not yet
Saved e-mails : Yes
Been cheated on : Yes I have

Your room look like : Like a castle..hehe
What is right beside you :Mirror
What is the last thing you ate : Nasi lemak

-Ever Had-
Chicken pox : Yes
Sore throat :Always because i like to karaoke..hehe
Stitches :What is it?..maklum la lembab skit..huhu..anggap je la xpenah..:) 
-Do You-
Believe in love at first sight :Maybe, sometime
 Like picnics? : Like very much


Who did you last yell at? : Not
Who was the last person you danced with? : Secret..hehe
Who last made you smile? : My family

-Final Questions- 

What are you listening to right now? :Fan
What did you do today? : Hang out
Are you the oldest? : Yes
Indoors or outdoors? : Both

-Last person who-

You talked to on the phone ? : My friend
Made you cry? : Not yet
You went to the mall with ? : My friend
Who cheered you up ? : Everyone

-Have you-

Been to Mexico ? :Nope
Been to USA ? :Nope


Have a crush on someone? : Nope
What books are you reading right now? : Magazine Remaja
Best feeling in the world? : Fly away
Future kids name? : Not yet think
Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? :No la
What's under your bed? : Pillow, and other things..hehe
Favourite sport (s) : Futsal, football, badminton..
Favourite place : Paris
Who do you really hate? : Nope
Do you have a job? : Student
What time is it now? : 2.46am

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BajinganCinta said...

kain pelikat eh?

bila nak tag saya ni?

mie said...


Puteri Iqa Izyan said...

huaaa.kasut size 9 gak? same. huk3..
ok fine.kaki ai mcm mak gajah :P

♥chubbycekelat ♥ said...

sulung drpd 4 beradik?
same same :)

Syafiq Rosli said...

bajingan cinta..nt sy tag awk ye..hehe..

Syafiq Rosli said... wo..tmpt tu la aku idam2 kan..

Syafiq Rosli said...

puteri la..

Syafiq Rosli said... ke..bgus2..